Microsoft Office 2019 entered the marketplace in September of 2018, promising new capabilities for all of its programs including Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Access, and Word. So far it has held up to the expectations of those who have purchased the software. Some of its best new features are reduced bandwith use on your network, monthly updates to security, and even “send later” technology in Microsoft Outlook that allows you to schedule the exact time you want your E-mail messages to land in a recipient’s in-box. And if you like to use OneNote, you will have access to Ink-to-Text support which gives you the capability to handwrite something that will be turned into typed words.

Feature of Ms Office 2019 Here:

  • Scalable Vector Graphics for Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Translator in Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Create Math Equations with LaTeX equation in Word
  • Create smoother animations and movements with Morph in PowerPoint
  • New navigation feature called Zoom for PowerPoint
  • Use Surface Pen to navigate slides in PowerPoint
  • Exciting new functions in Excel
  • More powerful Inking functionality for all of Office 2019

How does Office 2019 compare to Office 2016?

Office 2019 provides some new features that have been incorporated into Office 365 since the release of Office 2016. This includes the following functions:

  • Improved ink writing in all Office apps
  • A PowerPoint morph transition that allows you to create a mobile look between similar slides
  • Some new chart types in Excel
  • Focus mode in Word to hide screen window elements to help minimize distractions.
  • Focused inbox in Outlook separates important messages from all less important messages
  • Some better integrations with newer Microsoft servers and services such as teams

The installation of office 2019 is currently only supported on windows 10. First you need upgrade your system and Microsoft will stop support to windows 7 until 2020.1.

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