As the more popular Office software now, Office 2016 deserves it, so what’s the reason you should prefer Office 2016 to install it on your PC? The next article will tell you.

Reasons to install office 2016 on your pc

1. Get More Done with Some “Tell Me” Assistance

For those who feel lost in Microsoft Office’s endless choices, tell me what you want to do is Clippy’s smarter cousin. Notice the small light bulb icon in the middle of the ribbon. It’s smart-you just have to tell it what you want to do. Do not dig commands or shovel into Help files.

2. Work Anywhere and Anytime

Microsoft has made smart and subtle changes through Office 2016. This is not a radical makeover compared to previous versions. For temporary users, older versions will do this as before, because buying a desktop suite separately can be a waste.

From personal productivity tools, Office 2016 has embedded solid feet in the cloud and collaboration areas. Simpler document sharing and co-authoring can change your productivity philosophy individually. Co-authoring is now a feature of desktop apps-linked Microsoft Office apps, Office Online, and Office 365 turn it into an ongoing productivity center.

What’s New With Microsoft Office 2016?

Microsoft Word
Word has always been one of the most commonly used word processors. The latest version of Word brings real-time collaboration and some dynamic features, such as the newly integrated “Tell me what you want to do … ” box. This option allows each user to search for the resources they need, or to get guidance on how best to use the most useful features of the software. Microsoft Word 2016 has dramatically improved version history and an easy-to-use interface, often a useful addition to any enterprise productivity cache.

Microsoft Excel
Excel is known as the top spreadsheet program on the market. With Excel 2016, Microsoft makes it easier to use and has better features. Like Word, Excel integrates the “Tell me what you want to do…” box in the interface to help users find the information they need, and has a channel to help them take advantage of all the dynamics Excel provides to users. Option. With new visualization options, click prediction and built-in data loss prevention, Excel 2016 is an important complement to every company’s productivity software.

Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerPoint is the main presentation software used in today’s business. The latest products improve other versions by integrating the “Tell me what you want to do…” box and greatly improve the collaboration options. PowerPoint now includes improved version history, a simpler shared interface, and a better conflict resolution, which prevents the team from performing redundant, inefficient tasks.

Microsoft Outlook
Like most Office 2016, Outlook’s improvements are centered around collaboration. Microsoft has improved the way files are sent via email, giving users more freedom to send files that others need without being blocked. Microsoft also merged custom group features into new Outlook. This enables users to organize conversations and resources in a given file and synchronize with collaborators. Outlook also integrates the “Tell me what you want to do…” box, which will allow comprehensive search and tips to find your content faster.

How to install Office 2016 on your Pc?

  • Go
  • Sign in Microsoft account
  • Enter the product key
  • Choose Country and Language
  • Download and Install Office 2016

When you download and install Office 2016, you need a product key to activate at the last step. When you activate 2016 success, you will be able to use all of the 2016 features and vice versa. So how do I get a product key? Online stores like Amazon and ebay sell product keys, but I think it’s expensive, and recently I found a website on the internet called Ocdkeys, which sells product secrets at an affordable price and is genuine, which I am very satisfied with, and I recommend them to you.

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