Microsoft Office 2019 is the latest and upgraded version of the Microsoft Office, which provides advanced features that are not available in many previous versions. With the help of this office, you can easily create a presentation in just a few minutes. If you want to make any data model, then it can help you. It contains features and new tools such as charts, variations and many others that can help you create professional models and presentations. It also has some other new features that will make your work more efficient and less time consuming.

Feature of Ms Office 2019


A new Focused Inbox that attempts to identify the emails that are most important to you and pushes the rest into the background (you’ll need a Microsoft Exchange account to use it). Messages can also be read out loud and there is better time zone support in the calendar.

  • WORD

In Word, you’ve got improved translation, text-to-speech, and text spacing options, as well as better support for stylus pens and digital scribbles within your documents. A library of scalable vector icons is also available across the apps.


In Excel, you’ve got similar inking capabilities as well as a few new chart types to play around with. You can drop 3D models into your spreadsheets and rotate to view them at all angles. Various other tweaks and enhancements to features like PivotTables are included too.


Some of the most impressive stuff can be found in PowerPoint. The Morph transition is inspired and takes object to the next level. There’s better support for digital inking and 3D models are available in PowerPoint also. Slideshows can also now be exported as 4K video.

How to Install Microsoft Office 2019?

  • Go to, and sign-in with your account. It should be the same account with which you bought the subscription.
  • Select Install Office > select Install Office > on the Installs page.
  • In the Download and install window, select Other options.
  • Tick the checkbox to download the offline installer and select the language. Select Download.
  • Save the installation file on a drive with enough storage space. The installation file will be a virtual drive.

Double click on the file we downloaded. It will appear in the File Explorer. Click on the virtual disk, and then double click either the Setup32.exe (32-bit version of Office) or Setup64.exe (64-bit version of Office) to start the installation. Post installation, make sure to activate Office with the right account or activation key.

Microsoft Office 2019 Product Key


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