Download Office 2016

You will have to download Office first. We know it’s hard to find the exact link of software on the vast internet. Therefore, you can directly click here and it will take you to the download page of the tool. You can simply download the Office 2016 software from it.

It will be downloaded in the IMG file. You can simply right-click on the file and then select Mount from the option. Of course, you will first have to locate the file before you can mount it.

When you mount the file, it will open like a folder. You can either directly click on the “Setup64” option or you can head over to the Office folder and then double click on the setup file. There will be two setup files, one is for 64 bits Windows and the other one is for the 32. You can go with 64 bit and if you find any issues there, you can continue with the 32 bit.

Activate Office 2016 Product Key

The most important step is to activate the software and then entering the correct Office 2016 professional product key. You can simply click here and it will take you to a website where you will find the keys. You can simply download the keys.

It will be downloaded in the text file. You can then open the text file and copy the keys from there. The next question many people have is where they can enter the keys. You can simply enter the keys by opening any software of Office. It can be Word, Powerpoint, Excel or you can always go with your favorite software that you want to use.

As soon as you open the software, it will ask you for the Office 2016 product key or Office 2016 license. You can simply enter the keys that you copied. You can paste it directly; you don’t even have to write the entire Office 2016 product key. The key is the Office 2016 license.

Thereafter, you can click on Activate button and you are good to go. Your Office will be activated and you can use any software you want.

Final Words

To conclude, this is how you can easily download, install, and activate Office 2016 license. 2016 Product key is the main part of the process here. If it doesn’t work, you will find issues. So, we recommend you download it from the website link we have given. Those keys are working smoothly by which you can activate your Office 2016 without any issues.