Windows 7 will often get an error during the installation activation process, which bothers people to use the computer normally, and the most common error is 0XC004E003, there are several ways to solve it, please look at the following content. Typically, this problem occurs for the following reasons:

  • The license validity interval has expired.
  • The license is not signed correctly.
  • Microsoft software download corrupted or installation failed.
  • Window registry corrupted.
  • Windows system file damage.
  • Your computer is recovered from a virus or adware attack.

How to Fix Error Code 0XC004E003?

Solution 1: Activate Windows 7 Using Telephone Instead

If this error happened when trying to activate Windows 7, you might as well use telephone instead, you just need to:

Go to Start menu and then right click on Computer, then choose Properties.

After that, you will see the Windows activation status at the bottom of the screen, simply choose Activate Windows now.

Next, enter your password if asked to proceed. And choose Show me other ways to Activate from the options provided and then click on Use the automated phone system.

Then follow the on-screen step-by-step guide to use the automated telephone system for activation.

Solution 2: Repair Registry Entries Related to Error 0XC004E003

If a problem occurs because of a corruption of the Windows registry, this solution may apply to you by doing the following: Click the “Start ” button.

Type “Command ” in the search box, and then hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys on the keyboard at the same time, and press Enter to open the command prompt. Type “Regedit” in the command prompt, and then tap Enter.

In Registry Editor, select the error 0XC004E003 related key that you want to back up, and then choose “Export ” from the “file ” menu. Then select the folder where you want to save the Windows 7 backup key, and type the name of the backup file. In the Export range box, make sure that “selected Branch ” is selected. Then click “Save ” to save it as. REG file name extension.

You can now edit your registry manually.

Solution 3: Install All Available Windows Updates

You can also install all available Windows updates to improve Windows system files that may be associated with error 0XC004E003.

To check for Windows updates, click the Start button.

Enter “Update ” in the search box, and then tap Enter.

The “Windows Update ” dialog box appears. If an update is available, click the “Install Updates ” button.

Solution 4: Perform A System Restore

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